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Comprehensive South Florida Storm Damage Restoration Services

All Dry Services

At All Dry, we know just how devastating storms can be in Southwest Florida. That’s why we offer comprehensive storm damage restoration services designed to help you recover from the affects of natural disasters.

With our experienced team and professional service, we provide storm damage restoration to local customers in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we’re ready to serve you.

Severe weather events including hurricanes, tropical storms, and heavy rains, can cause extensive damage to your property. From roof leaks and structural damage to water intrusion and debris accumulation, storm damage can disrupt your life and compromise the safety and integrity of your home or business.

Our Storm Damage Restoration Process

All Dry Services

Safety Assessment

Our top priority is your safety. When you contact All Dry Services for storm damage restoration, our trained professionals will conduct a thorough safety assessment of your property. We will identify any immediate hazards, such as downed power lines, structural instability, or compromised utilities, and take the necessary precautions to secure the area.

Emergency Response

We are available 24/7 to respond rapidly to your call.

all dry swfl van - storm damage restoration

Temporary Repairs

To prevent further damage, our team will perform quick repairs, such as tarping damaged roofs, boarding up broken windows, and securing compromised structures.

Water Extraction & Drying

If water intrusion occurs due to storm damage, we’ll use powerful water extraction equipment to remove standing water from your property. We will then implement advanced drying techniques to eliminate moisture from affected areas, preventing mold growth and further structural damage.

Debris Removal

Severe storms often leave debris, such as fallen trees, branches, and other wreckage. Our team will efficiently and safely remove debris from your property, clearing the area for restoration work to begin. We will dispose of waste responsibly, following local regulations and environmental guidelines.

Repairs & Restoration

We will work hard to not only repair damaged structures, but restore them to their once good condition.

Trust All Dry Services

All Dry Services is your trusted provider for storm damage restoration services throughout Fort Myers and Naples. We’ll provide you expert service within hours, not days.

We Are Available 24/7. Get your FREE Estimate, or call us today at 239.247.5453.