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Comprehensive South Florida Structural Drying Services

All Dry Services

At All Dry, we understand the importance of addressing water damage quickly and efficiently. That’s why we offer comprehensive structural drying services designed to restore your water-damaged home or business.

Our pros use only the highest-quality equipment to provide exceptional structural drying services to local customers in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we’re ready to serve you.

When water infiltrates your property, it can seep into walls, floors, and more, compromising its stability and integrity. Prompt structural drying is crucial if you want to prevent further damage and reduce the possibility of mold growth.

Our Structural Drying Process

All Dry Services


Our team will thoroughly evaluate your property to accurately identify damaged structural components. We utilize moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and other advanced tools to detect moisture levels and locate any hidden pockets of water.

Water Extraction

We’ll remove any standing water or excess moisture from your property before proceeding with structural drying, helping to prevent further damage while accelerating the drying process.

all dry swfl van - structural drying

Controlled Dehumidification

Proper dehumidification prevents secondary issues such as mold growth. We carefully manage the dehumidification process, ensuring that humidity levels are reduced to an acceptable and comfortable range.

Restoration & Repair

Once the affected areas are completely dried, our skilled specialists will repair and restore anything that has been damaged by the water intrusion, such drywall and flooring.

Trust All Dry Services

All Dry Services is your trusted provider for structural drying services throughout Fort Myers and Naples. We’ll provide you expert service within hours, not days.

We Are Available 24/7. Get your FREE Estimate, or call us today at 239.247.5453.